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This is Lap Dancing

Clip from Channel 4 Dispatches exposing why it is called lap dancing 
[Warning: Although dimly lit, this video has sexual contents]


Although aired in 2011, nothing has changed as the many publications below reveal:

Read One Thing The Truth About Lap Dancing

A5 Flier: Faqs and Myths [2017]
A5 Flier: Private Booths [2017]

- The Problem with Strip Clubs - an Overview

- What is Lap Dancing?
- Lap Dancing Clubs - Unsafe, Unfit for Lap Dancers
Strip Clubs Create 'No Go' Zones

- 'Strippers are Loaded'
-  It's a Choice
- You'll Put Women out of Work / into Poverty


New Rules, Same Old Rule Breaking [2018]

Press reports show physical contact, assaults, prostitution is rife within clubs

In the Docks - Failed Court Challenges by the Strip Industry [2018]
There has never been a successful challenge by the industry against councils refusing their license

Not Buying It Objection to Spearmint Rhino, Sheffield [2018]
Outlining the numerous ways cancels breach Equality Law when licensing strip clubs

All Objections (145) to Spearmint Rhino, Sheffield [2018]

Sheffield Shame. The Legal Case vs Sheffield City Council [2018]

The Problem with Private Booths [2017]

Older  Reports

Facts About Lap Dancing [Object]

Lap Dancing: A Growing Tide [Object]

Countering Misinformation from the Lap Dance Industry [Object]


Performers Speak Out 





Rachel's Story: Lap Dancing leading to Prostituiton [2018]

Elle's Story: Lap Dancing and Prostitution [2018]

Anon 1: Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]
Anon 2: Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]

Sammy Woodhouse Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]

Sammy Woodhouse on Sky [2018]

Samantha 1 : Undercover journalist exposes widespread Drugs, Assaults, Propositioning for Sex [2018]
Samantha 2: The hypocrisy of President Club *horror* and Strip Club Santioning [2018]

Elena [Guardian Interview] [2008]
Lucy [Guardian Interview] [2009]

'Performers Speak Out' - USA




Julie Bindel:  'Profitable Exploits: Lap dancing in the UK' [2004]
Paints a grim picture of the strip industry

Teela Sanders et al: 'The Regulatory Dance: Sexual Consumption in the Night Time Economy' [Initial Findings] 2011
Exposes widespread harrassment, assault & insecure earnings of lap dancers 

Teels Sanders et al: Sexual Entertainment Venues Regulating Working Conditions [2012]
Suggests 'gold standards' improve conditions in clubs which we suggest are unachievable

Dan O'Bryant: Inextricably bound: Strip Clubs, Prostitution & Sex Trafficking [2017]

This impassioned plea shows the links between these different aspects of the sex trade

Liz Mount: Behind the Curtain [2016]

USA study on how management creates a deeply insecure, competitive and even violent work place 


Press Reports

Press reports reveal strip clubs go hand-in-hand with sexual contact, sex acts, harassment and assault. Along with drugs, drink spiking and other serious issues. Often these are recurring problems in the same clubs. Yet Councils still allow them to operate. Why?

All reports summarised here: New Rules, Same Old Rule Breaking [2018]

Windmill, London: Sexual Contact and offers of Prostitution rife at the UK's 'most respected' strip club [2018]
LA Confidential, Ealing: Sexual Contact and Prostitution rife in this long established club [2018]

Cheltenham: 'Pop Up' Strip Clubs - legal, unregulated abuse [2018]
Cheltenham: The Problem with 'Pop Up' Strip Clubs [2018]

Bing, West Bromwich: GBH and suspected prostitution, trafficking & underage performers [2017]
Jack of Diamonds (formerly Temptations), Bristol: Sexual Contact [2017]
Temptations, Bristol: Sexual Contact [2013] 

Legs 11, Birmingham: Drink spiking and sexual contact at Legs 11, Birmingham [2017]
Legs 11, Birmingham:  Two Legs 11 Venues closed after slavery raid [2017]
Legs 11, Birmingham: Drink spiking and illegally serving intoxicated punters [2018]

Flirtz, Skegness: Class A Drugs a serious problem at Strip Club [2017]
Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent : Drink spiking, drug deailng, violence, prostitution [2017]
Bentley's, Doncaster: Lap dancer attacked [2017]
Diamond Dolls, Glasgow: Lap dancer 'dumped on street' [2017]
Silks, Manchester: Several Incidences of Serious Brawls [2017]
Platinum's Stoke : Exploitation of Punters including Violence and Drink Spiking [2017]

Cleopatra's Lounge, Huddersfield: Punter causes £1000s in damage after dancer refuses sex [2016]
Angel's, Leicester: Sexual Contact, suspected Underage Dancers [2016]

X in the City, Liverpool: Punter attacks lap dancer after she refuses sex [2015]
Villa Mercedes, Harrogate: Sexual Contact & 'Audience Participation' [2015]

Spearmint Rhino, Bournemouth: Spearmint Rhino illegally serving alcohol to intoxicated punters [2014]

Spearmint Rhino, Bournemouth: Performers straddling punters and other Sexual Contact [2014]
Spearmint Rhino, All Chains: Sexual Contact and Prostitution [2003]

The Griffin, Camden: The World's seediest 'strip pub' [2014]

Red Velvet, County Durham: Class A Drugs [2014]
Wiggle, Bournemouth: Dancers straddling punters & other Sexual Contact
Charlie Brown's, London: Sexual Contact & other Licensing Breaches [2012]

Performers have No Employment Rights
USA: Dancers Sue over Lack of Minimum Wage [2015]
UK: Stringfellow in Court 3 times making sure lap dancers have NO Employment Rights [2012]

The President's Club = Lap Dancing Light
The Guardian
The Guardian 

What Strip Club Operators Say
Lap Dancing isn't Sexual