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Tweet: . @LibDems I just can't join the #LibDemFightback with your pro-porn, pro-prostitution policies

The Lib Dems endorsed these policies at 2017 Conference:

No to Protecting Kids from Hard Core Porn..

Yes to Porn Violence Against Women..

Sex Industry Policies written by the Sex Industry ..

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Women for Sale

pro porn lobby

A shocking number of 'human rights' organisations, political parties and even local police forces are pro-sex trade, signing up to a brief to legitimise prostitution by de-criminalising pimps and punters and treating the most harmful industry on the planet like any other business.

It will come as no surprise that this idea of how to of deal with prostitution has come from hugely powerful consortiums of pimps, brothel keepers and even jailed sex traffickers.

But perhaps the most blatant case of bias in recent times has been the fact that Keith Vaz - the Chair of the very committee set up to advise Government on its sex industry policy - was himself a user of prostitutes!

Not for Sale!

not for sale

Luckily there are many fighting this.

We are thrilled to be co-signatory to the Nordic Model Now! response to:

Lib Dems Consultation on Sex 'Work'

UN Women Consultation on Sex 'Work'  

Open Letter to the BMA not to endorse the de-criminailsation of pimps and punters 

And you can find out more here:

Nordic Model Now!

Space International

End Demand