What the Lib Dems Stand For

Children, P0rn & Prostitution 

The Richmond by-election on Dec 1st is being hailed as the chance for a 'come back' by The Lib Dems

But should it be, when this is what the party stands for:


Like most human right advocates Not Buying It is non-political, however we also need to challenge harmful policies where they exists. And, unfortunately, when it comes to the Lib Dem's there are an awful lot that need to be challenged:

1. Lib Dems: For Porn for Kids

The Lib Dems overwhelming opposed the Government's internet porn 'opt in' scheme - a safeguarding measure brought in to try and prevent the Tsunami of porn children face.  

'Opt in' merely means porn is not automatically available to households but has to be actively 'opted in to'. However, even this minor adjustment to try to safeguard children was seen as extreme and 'illiberal'

This is despite the fact that record numbers of under age children are now exposed to, users of, desensitised to, and say they are copying violent hardcore pornography. In fact, the situation is so bad that the NSPCC believes that nearly 10% of pre-teens might be addicted to pornography.

2. Lib Dems: For Pornographers

During the Clegg years, the Lib Dems selected a pornographer as a Parliamentary candidate, whose 'feminist porn' consists of the usual line-up of sex acts of women servicing men. The candiate, Anna 'Span', is a reknowned defender of rape porn.

3. Lib Dems: For Pimps

The Lib Dems have for many years adopted extreme pro-sex industry policies. Under this, prostitution is 'just work' and pimps are 'business men'. The reason? The Lib Dems, sadly along with many others such as human 'rights' group  Amnesty International, have adopted policies based on the views of pimps, brothel keepers and even jailed sex traffickers

It is not surprising then that a Lib Dem Councillor recently suggested prostitution should be offered as a career choice to school girls. After all, as far as he and his party are  concerned, prostitution is 'just work' - a job no different from accountancy.

4. Lib Dems: For 16 Year Olds in Porn

The Lib Dems are staunch advocates for children as young as 16 performing in hard core pornography.

Let's not forget, pornography in 2016 isn't 'just people having sex'. 90% of the top selling porn shows violence against the young women in it - hitting, choking, gagging, asphyxiation.


The Lib Dems - is this really the party that should be representing you, your sisters, your mother, your daughters .. your country?

If you, like us, can't stand what the Lib Dems stand for tweet them here:

Tweet: .@sarahjolney1 @libdems It's not just about Heathrow & Brexit. I could never vote Lib Dem with your pro porn/prostitution policies