Success! BMA says NO to Pimps

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Success! BMA says NO to Pimps

We are thrilled that the BMA voted last week not to legitimise pimps and punters, rejecting a motion by Junior Doctors to 'fully decriminalise' the sex industry (which means decriminalising pimps, brothel keepers and punters as well as prostitutes).


This is thanks hugely to the phenomenal work by Nordic Model Now!, to the 100s who signed their open letter to the BMA and tweeted about this and some wonderful speakers at the BMA conference itself. We were thrilled to help hand out fliers with Nordic Model Now! on the day (which were specifically mentioned in the debate!).



Read It

You can read the Motion the BMA rejected by up to 84% of the vote HERE which included demands that the BMA also lobby the TUC and Central Government to support the decriminalisation of pimps.


[Delegates did vote strongly in favour of section ii) which calls for doctors to be better educated about the health needs of those working in prostitution].



See It

See the video of the debate HERE

In which speakers highlight how policies to legitimise pimps and punters have come from pimps and where the Chair of the BMA exposes the onslaught of lobbying he has been subjected to by the pro-prostitution lobby, akin to lobbying by the tobacco lobby.


Find out more about this and the issues at Nordic Model Now!



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