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Press Consultation

Press Codes are being consulted on (as used by IPSO and before that, the PCC). And we all know how great these are!

We need as many people as possible to email their thoughts on Page 3, The Sport and the constant Bikini, G-String & Cleavage shots of women. And to call for a simple remedy:

Change Discrimination Clause 12.1 to ensure the press 'avoids prejudicial or perjorative referral' to a group (such as women) rather than just to an individual. In addition anyone should be allowed to raise a challenge under this clause.

Read the Press Codes Here

Mayor Consultation

The London Mayor's Office on Policing and Crime (MOPAC) is consulting on crime, including violence against women. But prostitution is barely mentioned and strip joints aren't mentioned at all!

Wherever you are based, please respond and ask for:

  • Policies to end the demand for prostitution by clamping down on pimps and Johns (this was written into the previous strategy but has now disappeared)
  • Recognition that Strip joints fuel abuse towards women both inside and out and that current licensing arrangements need to be urgently addressed.
  • The sex industry to be urgently addressed before they increase exponentially under the 'Night Time Economy'
  • The Mayor's Office to consult with women's groups such as Not Buying It when the new Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy is drafted

More About the Consultation Here

Thank You

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