Happy Christmas

not buying it


Breaking News ..

The EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) is looking into whether to investigate Advertising Regulator, the ASA, for breaking Equality Law by allowing Sex Ads in Newspapers!

Watch this Space!

Looking Back ..

It's been a jam packed year and there seems to be a real rekindling of protest against porn, activism against advertising and standing up to sleaze .. check it out here

Looking Forward..

.. with Laughter

We're thrilled to have the awesome Maureen Younger ('one of the best MCs in the country') host a comedy show for us with a line up of real funny gals including TV's Zoe Lyons!

Tickets £8

Info & Booking

8pm Jan 11

Looking Forward..

..with Activism

Jan we'll be outside the Royal Courts of Justice with many others supporting survivors of Prostitution having their criminal records struck off.

Feb Camden Council is in the High Court to stop Strip Club, The Red Rooms, having a floor of private booths. We'll be giving evidence and protesting!

We'll also see a national day of action against Ann Summers link up with Pornhub

And lobbying to stop age restriction of Online Porn being 'regulated' by the company behind Pornhub

And much more ..

(and yes hasn't Pornhub been busy. It's even launched a "sex education" channel, or so called 'wellness centre' for school kids - suitably slated here)

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