Campaign Page 3 v New Press Regulator

not buying it


Last week we met IMPRESS - the possible/probable/eventual (!) new regulator of the press. They are due to publish their codes on press regulation in March.

Somewhat inexplicably they seemed doubtful that they could do much about relentless press objectification of women, but they were open to our idea of a Women's Advisory Group to help shape their ever-evolving codes, guidance and interpretation of them.

.. watch this space

Take Action

In the meantime, why not tell IMPRESS thanks for meeting us and btw please stop the objectification of women by the Great British press!

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Royal Charter. Section 40. 'State Controlled Press'.. confused?

Cut through the hysteria (yet another example of how the press is not being properly regulated at present) and ...

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Women's March

It was brilliant to be at The Women's March in London this Sunday - what a great atmosphere with 100,000 people taking part, including Yvette Cooper and Sadiq Khan. Lovely to see some of you there too!

Thank You!

After asking for Research Volunteers we have been flooded with offers of help. Thank you everyone for your kindness & support!