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Sheffield Council 'Shame on You'

Sheffield City Council has yet again relicensed its notorious Spearmint Rhino Strip Club in the middle of a university, next to services for the vulnerable and in the cultural hub of the city.

  • 'LIAR' Damming testimony of wrong doings in the club from prominent campaigner & Celebrity, Sammy Woods 'lies'
  • IGNORED Council's Own Policy on 'appropriateness of area'
  • NO HARM Testimony from 145 objectors of harm 'not evidence'
  • NO 'NO GO ZONE' Evidence from the Club itself that there is a No Go Zone outside - Ignored

In a moving and dramatic day objectors spent hours giving intelligent and impassioned testimionies against the club. This included MPs, the University and members of the Council's own cabinet. Yet Sheffield's licensing committee seemed to take very little time to then rule in favour of re-licensing their favourite local venue, yet again.


This is How We Find Out

In the shambles typical of this Council, Objectors first heard of the ruling via (insulting) tweets from the club's lap dancers and Sheffield Uni Labour students.

Sex industry supporters organised a small protest outside the Town Hall, again with insulting literature. (And we are the ones who are 'not feminist'!):


Perhaps most disturbing of all was how testimony from former lap dancers in the club read out or delivered in person were treated. Sammy Woodhouse, survivor of child sexual abuse and prominent campaigner, bravely gave her own experiences of the club - reliving a particularly damaging time in her life. Three men from the Spearmint Rhino delegation immediately jumped in swearing she had never worked there - calling her a liar.


The Council thinks it has stopped any impact on equality because 'the club is not open during the day' and 'it has no signage'. This is even after being shown research by the industry itself that shows this is irrelevant because everyone knows the club is there and is still affected by it. Oh, but we shouldn't forget, as the Barrister for the club is always quick to point out, it does have disabled access.


Read All About It

Read Sammy's Testimony Here

Read our Submission Here

Read all 145 objections Here

Decision in the BBC


Take Action

If you're as outraged as us by this council's unadulterated cheerleading for the strip industry, you can still spread the word or donate to our crowd funder. This is paying for us to take them to the High Court next week for breach of equality law over their entire lap dancing policy.

Donate Here

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