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May 3rd: Tell The Lib Dems 'Porno NO!'

This May we are asking you to ask your Lib Dem candidates your concerns over Lib Dem policies on porn, prostituiton and child protection. 

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Lib Dems for Pornographers

The level of violence in mainstream pornography is absolutely staggering. Over 90% shows women, most often teenage girls, being abused. This involves violent sex in every orifice, freuqently by gangs of men. These men will be hitting, spitting, gagging or strangling their victim, while screaming sexual insults at her, humiliating and mocking her. The victim will typically be crying and screaming in pain, vomiting, gagging, passing out. Those who do not respond in this way will often have dissociated - a coping mechanism for extreme abuse.

Find out more about the shocking reality of mainstream porn here

Yet the LIb Dems seem to believe the making and consumption of abusive porn is a 'right' even for our children ...

YES to 16 Year Old Porn 'Stars' 

Despite the huge level of violence in mainstream porn until last year it was Lib Dem policy that girls as young as 16 could be filmed in hard core pornographyThis was in part based on arguments like 'you can die for your country at 16, so why can't you make porn?' (incorrectly as it turns out, as you cannot actually face active service until 18).

NO to Internet Opt In 


The Lib Dems overwhelming oppose the Internet 'opt in' scheme - a safeguarding measure brought in to try and prevent the Tsunami of porn children face. 'Opt in' merely means porn is not automatically available to households but has to be actively 'opted in to'. However, even this minor adjustment to try to safeguard children is seen as extreme and 'illiberal'


NO to Age Verification  

In 2017 the party took this a step further, condemning Age Verification for porn sites. This is simply the proposal to put in place a mechanism to end children's exposure to pornography - which surely they should never have ever been exposed to? No alternative to stop our children's excessive exposure to sexually abusive pornography was suggested, other than 'improved education'. In fact the party seems to think technology is not the answer, when surely it is the only answer? 

The voices of parents, academics, children's groups and even children themselves are being ignored. Study after study shows that ever increasing numbers of under-age children (over 50% at the most conservative estimate) are accessing hardcore porn. The majority of them are not actively seeking it out but are having it foisted upon them, for example by pop up ads. What's worse, a large proportion of children viewing this porn (and this is porn that shows women being hit, choked and asphyixated with a heavy emphasis on violent anal sex) are becoming increasingly desensitised to it with many boys saying they want to emulate it and expecting to inflict it on their girlfriends. The NSPCC even fears that a possilbe 10% of 12-13 year olds are addicted to pornography.

Doing nothing is simply not an option

Yes to Abuse Porn 

Despite the horrendous level of abuse in mainstream internet porn it is, sadly, currently legal. The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) regulates porn and has codes which do not allow such abuse in pornographic (R18) videos. But this does not currently apply to online porn. However, The Lib Dems have compared any attempt to end the high level of abuse in online porn to the act of a dictatorship. And condemned the idea that BBFC codes for porn videos should be applied to porn online, to the extent of describing this as the act of a dictatorship:

These BBFC codes simply seek to eliminate abusive porn including urination - which is usually on or into women and occurs in at least 12% of porn, according to the BBFC; 'incest' porn (the most popular type of porn); extreme humiliation, verbal and physical abuse; the portrayal of lack of consent; the infliction of pain as well as porn that might encourage harmful behaviour in its consumption.  All of this is the very definition of mainstream porn.  In otherwords, the Lib Dems, would do nothing to stem the abuse that is pornography.

YES to Pornographers as MPs 

The Lib Dems don't just seem to be pro-porn but pro-pornographer, backing them at the highest level as their party's representatives.

Pornographer Anna 'Span' was selected as Parliamentary candidate under the blessing of then-leader, Nick Clegg, with her 'feminist porn' consisting of the usual line-up of sex acts of women servicing men. Span is also an advocate of simulated rape porn.

More recently, pornographer Michelle Gent, a former Lib Dem councillor for Ashfield, Nottingham, used local party HQ to  recruit for her porn films.

Lib Dems for Prostitution


The Sex Trade is a horrifically abusive industry. The vast majority of those in it enter through a complete lack of choice - while underage, whilst homeless, because of povery, through coercion by abusive boyfriends (pimps), after being physically or sexually abused in family or care homes. Women do not chose prostitution. Once in it, the vast majority of those in prostitution have serious drug dependancy, suffer extreme post traumatic stress disorder and are routinely abused with a death rate (whether through murder, suicide, drug overdose or poor health) significantly higher than in the general population. In fact the only choice most women in prostiutiton would make is to get out, if they could.

Everyone agrees prostituted women (and men) should not be criminalised. However the Lib Dems want the whole industry  decriminalised - including the men who buy women for sex and the men who control women for sex.  They want to see pimps and punters decriminalised. This has been a disastrous move in every country that has tried it. Amsterdam is closing down its red light district as a failed social experiment. Germany has an estimated 1/2 million women rotting in state-sanctioned 'mega brothels' where they are advertised like hamburgers on 'all you can eat' deals. 

You can find out more about the horrors of prostitution here: Nordic Model Now! and Demand Change 

Sex Industry Policies by Pimps, for Pimps

The sex industry policies the Lib Dems have adopted are aggressively lobbied for by known pimps, brothel keepers and even jailed sex traffickers and their organisations. Pimps and brothel keepers obviously have a clearly vested interest to ensure their business survives and thrives. And there is no better way to do this than by legitimising it - allowing not only its smooth running but the opportunity for massive expansion. 

These groups claim prostition is 'just work' no different from any other and that everyone involved in the industry, including pimps and brothel keepers are sex 'workers' - just like the women they control.

These sex industry lobbyists include 'super pimpDouglas Fox, owner of one of the largest Escort Agencies in the UK, who skipped jail on a technicality. Fox was not just part of the powerful International Union of Sex Workers, but got its members to join Amnesty International in order to push forward pro-prostitution policies.

It includes Alexjandra Gil, a pimp and now jailed sex trafficker Gil has influenced at the highest level - as a known pimp she was not only a leader of pro-prostitution group NSWP but  ensured branches of the UN adopted pro-sex industry policies. Even after she was jailed for sex trafficking these policies have not been revisited.

Sadly by listening to pro-prostitution groups the Lib Dems, and others, are dismissing the voices of the vast majority of women's groups and survivors of the sex trade who want to see the industry massively shrunk by criminalising pimps; who want to radically reduce its demand by criminalising punters and who want to help women get out.

YES to Pimps as 'Business Men'

Lib Dem policy is to formally recongise pimps not just as sex 'workers' but as respectable 'business man', who merely 'manage' the women they control. And this apparently, is what prostituted women want.
'Pimp Groups' Paid by Lib Dem Coalition Government

Remember the jailed sex trafficker,  Alexandra Gil? Well The UK Branch of the international organisation she headed, the NSWP, have even been paid to the tune of £100,000 under a scheme initiated by a Lib Dem minister during the coalition Government to promote safer sex 'work'. A worthy goal indeed, but when orchestrated by a pro-prostitution organisation, this simply further legitimises key sex industry players and their views. 


Sex 'Work' as a Career Choice

In light of all this it is surely no surprise that Lib Dem Council leader, Denis Parsons, suggested it was only due to stigma that prostitution was not offered as a career choice to school girls (and perhaps pimping, or rather, 'management', to the boys). These comments caused such public outrage that the Councilor resigned. He has also mildly rebuked by then  leader, Tim FarronInterestingly the Lib Dem's 2017 policy paper specifically advises that sex 'work' be omitted from career advice programmes. But this is totall at odds with the party's stance that prostitution really is 'just work' and 'paid for sex is no different from sex'.

YES to Sex Trafficking 

Lib Dem policy even wants to rewrite the law to allow for 'consensual' sex trafficking. Presumably the onus will be on extremely vulnerable and abused victims to "out" that occasssional pesky 'non concensual' trafficker? Again this is a strategy fiercely promoted by the sex trade. And it means that even the most unaccepatalbe face of prostitution is legitimised.

Tell the Lib Dems 'No'

If you, like us, can't stand for what the Lib Dems stand for, tweet them here. Urge them to change:

Tweet: .@libdems It's not just about Heathrow & Brexit. I could never vote Lib Dem with your pro porn/prostitution policies

It seems in its strive to be 'open, tolerant and united' the Liberal Democrat party is open to porn for children, tolerant of pimping and seemingly united in ignoring the voices of the overwhelming majority of women's and children's groups and the survivors of the porn and sex trade. 

Ironically it doesn't seem to be that open about telling the public about these policies. That is why it has fallen to us to take on, in effect, the role of a public information service provider. We want to ensure the public are fully informed of Lib Dem policies before they vote. And to give you the chance to urge them to reconsider policies deeply harmful to some of the most vulnerable, abused and exploited in our society.