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As you know, we've been helping Sheffield Gran, Irene, initiate court proceedings against her council for putting no limit on strip clubs. A decision here has repercussions UK wide - especially as the council now has a barrister who represents strip clubs across the country on their side!

But these are some of the outrageous arguments being put forward by the Council. They are also claiming outrageous costs that Irene will be liable for if the judge at this first stage of proceedings does not give her permission to take the case further to Judicial Review.

The judge is looking at the case very soon. We hope he will be as outraged as us and give Irene permission to go ahead with this important legal challenge. If so, we will be coming back to you then with ideas on how to help us win (and yes fundraiser further .. groan)!

We've done brilliantly well so far but if the judge doesn't give Irene permission to go ahead, she could be liable for £1,000s in costs. We’ve got most of it covered thanks to all your amazing support but we want to make absolutely sure there's enough in the pot for this first stage.

If everyone reading this gave £1 we’d make our 'stretch' target of £7,500. So pretty please donate if you can.


Min Target Raised for Legal Challenge to Strip Clubs

Legal Challenge to Say

We did it! Thanks to you we've met out £5K target - the minimum needed to initiate legal proceedings against a council having no limit on strip clubs.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!

You Can Still Chip In

If you haven't donated but would like to you still can here.

Any extra raised could be used:

  • if the case goes through to the next stage
  • or to better support the team right now.

What Happens Now?

The legal team submits papers making the case that Sheffield City Council did not consider equality law when it decided there should be no limit on strip clubs. A Judge then decides if we have a case.

If the Judge says 'yes' this send a strong message to the entire strip industry and all local councils that they must consider equality law properly when forming their policies over strip clubs. It also means we could potentially pursue the case further and take the Council to court which would force it to re-write its policy and of course sends an even stronger message to local councils and the strip industry.

We’ll keep you posted over the coming weeks.

And a HUGE THANK YOU again!!!

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Pop Up Strip Clubs

Unlicensed, Unregulated, Unacceptable

Even if a council has a policy of NO strip clubs (as Cheltenham does) there is absolutely nothing it can do about 'pop up' strip venus because the law allows for 'occasional' stripping without any regulation, licensing or controls.

The end result? Local towns like Cheltenham turn into 'walk through brothels' during its horse racing festival. Women in 'pop up' strip venues having to literally fight off sexual assaults from punters and women working in other pubs and bars being told they have to put up with being groped during race season.

Covered in The Times and The Mail

(of course the Mail features plenty of 'sexy' promotional images from the very strip club operators they are condemning)

Check out CheltFems - local campaigners fighting this here and on twitter here: @Chelt_Fems

Brave New Media

And finally, a big welcome to everyone's who's joined us from the Media Reform conference last weekend. An amazing event, that we were honoured to speak at, that plotted out the ideal of a new way to do media unbeholden to consumerism, advertising and profiteering .. roll on that day!

But we must make sure this Brave New Media has no space for misogyny or the patriarchy too or it won't be all that brave or all that new after all.

Find out about the Media Reform Coalition here



You Did It!  Ann Summers has dumped its partnership with Pornhub - the world's largest supplier of abuse porn, including millions of videos depicting incest, child abuse and torture.

Recent press coverage confirms this break up, as do visits to several shops, with not a Pornhub branded product to be seen. Sadly, Ann Summers and its leadership team have failed to respond to any of our (very polite) enquiries.

A huge thank you and well done to over 2,000 people who signed the petition, everyone who spread the word and protested (often in the rain!) outside stores.

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TUC Says NO to Pimps!

The TUC has voted resoundingly against a motion to decriminalise pimps and punters.

The motion was brought by train driver's union Aslef (95% male members), backed by the GMB, who had already been lobbied hard by the sex industry. Clearly getting the TUC to support the legitimising of the sex trade is a key goal of the industry.

This is despite the fact that the TUC's own Women's Conference support the diametrically opposite stance and call for the criminalising of pimps and punters as the only way to end the sex trade and all the abuse associated with it.

Congrats and thanks to all (including Nordic Model Now! who were busy talking and flyering ASLEF and TUC delegates).

Read All About It!

Nordic Model Now! exposes the flaws in the motion and misrepresentations at the TUC Congress fringe meeting

Harriet Harman on why she opposed it

Kat Banyard, a leading authority on laws around prostitution


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