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Ugh-No, Rhino

Ugh-No, Rhino

Not to confuse you (!) but at the same time that we are trying to take Sheffield City Council to court over its entire licensing policy it is also considering the annual re-licensing of its one current strip club, Spearmint Rhino.

Please help object to this notorious strip chain. Use the info and model letter HERE(personalise it if you feel you can). You DO NOT have to live or work locally in order to object:

Model Letter Here

Shocking Lib Dem Policies

As you know we are non-political but we have been so shocked by Lib Dem policies on the issues we challenge that we feel we have to share them with you because:

  • They vehemently oppose any attempt to safeguard Children from Porn
  • They oppose any effort to reduce the Abusiveness of Porn
  • Their policies on the Sex Trade are the policies pushed by Pimps
  • They include positioning Pimps as 'Business Men'
  • And even redefine Sex Trafficking as Consensual

These elections give you a chance to ask your local candidates about them and urge the party to change them.

You can find out more about their policies and why they have arrived at them here

And if you are as concerned as we are by them, you could tweet the Lib Dems here


Success! Case can go to High Court

Success! Case can go to High Court  

Fantastic news! Judge rules that our legal challenge to strip clubs is 'in the public interest' and we can take the case forward to the High Court.


A Huge Thank you to everyone who donated! This in itself is a milestone first ruling. But we now need to raise at least a further £10K to take the case forward.


So we've  formed a UK-wide coalition with other groups and individuals including ex-lap dancers, survivors of the sex trade, local councillors, the Fawcett Society, Southall Black Sisters and Glasgow Women's Aid. 


What Can you Do?

If you feel you can donate that would be fantastic! But even just spreading the word is a huge helpDonate or share the crowd funder page here.


Share .. Donate Here

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Success! No to Private Booths

Success! No to Private Booths

Councils do have the right to ban private booths! Camden Council has successfully defied strip club, The Red Rooms, intent on a whole floor of 'private booths'. It had to take the club all the way to the High Court to get this, surely self-evident, ruling.

Thanks & congrats to everyone who signed the petition and protested outside The Red Rooms! And an especial well done to Object who ran this campaign with us.

We submitted evidence to the Council. Find out more about the problem with private booths and with strip clubs HERE

Say No to Strip Clubs

But Camden Council could have saved itself a lot of money if it had followed its own policy that NO strip clubs were appropriate in the borough and never given this club a license in the first place. The fact that it didn't means that it is breaching exactly the same Equality Law that Sheffield City Council is breaching.

So are Tower Hamlets .. Hackney .. Westminster .. and no doubt many others across the UK.

That's why the legal case against Sheffield City Council's Strip Club policy has such resonance across the country. Read more HERE

We have raised close to £2K of a min £10K target but still have a way to go. Please, please spread the word by sharing the crowd funder link and donate if you can HERE:

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